About Us 

We believe innovation should be strategic, moving the needle on your business goals and creating a competitive advantage.


In a consumer-driven market, bringing value is a non-negotiable. Connection is a requirement. Experience is the baseline. And disconnects within your organization always end up in your end user-experience. Building brands in this market is far less about spending on advertising spots and more acutely focused on delivering a memorable experience that is friction-free, captivating, and valuable. Innovating outside of consumer feedback and void of solid business strategy is not an option.

Our goal is to solve problems and help businesses seize opportunity.  Our approach is designed to cut through the noise and create a scalable framework for innovation that connects the dots across your organization, from operational teams to customer experience.

who we work with

We work across verticals, with businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes— from jet-fueled startups to Fortune 500 and legacy brands.

The Rebel team has worked with companies like:


how we work

We are challenging the way good ideas scale and daring to believe in the good a little rebellion can bring.


We work alongside your teams, your vendors, and stakeholders to support a holistic innovation across your organization.


We leverage technology to drive results fast and deliver captivating stories that promote action from stakeholders to operational teams.


We operate as your dedicated innovation team and consultant. From insights to application, we work with your teams to identify, plan, and scale your vision.


We structure our projects and teams with flexibility in mind so we can remain agile, quick, and directed from ideation to implementation.

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